Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Greensboro turning a page

Last night, the Greensboro City Council took the tough but necessary step of expressing regret for the killings at the 1979 Death to the Klan march.

From the News & Record
Thirty years after a Greensboro shooting — and four years after the issue first came before the City Council — the council said Tuesday night that it regretted the 1979 killings at Morningside Homes and pledged to help the city heal.

The council voted 5 to 4 to approve a statement of regret about the incident — one of the recommendations the city Humans Relations Commission made after studying the shootings and the 2006 Truth and Reconciliation Commission report about it.
The statement addresses a central concern of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. By acknowledging problems in the past, the city is in a better position to move forward.

The statement does not go as far as the Commission has recommended, and it would be foolish to think that this will mend all of the racial division in the city. However, the statement does go farther than many thought possible and is a positive step for the community.


cheripicker said...

How much healing remains to be done regarding this 30 year old event and what other actions would you recommend to heal the divisions between the Klan and the Communists here in 2009?

Dave Ribar said...

I love my new hometown, but I hate the racial polarization that affects so much of its public discourse.

Different racial groups in Greensboro--black, white, and increasingly Hispanic and Asian--are distrustful of the other. Non-white groups feel that their concerns and well-being are either neglected or opposed.

The Council's action sends clear messages that non-white concerns and well-being DO matter and that this is a very different city from 30 years ago.

If nothing else, the Council's statement knocks down one obstacle to community progress.

Tony Wilkins said...

Except for about ten of you who like to sniff Nelson Johnson's flatulence we all turned the page about 30 years ago.
Where you been Dave?
$45,000 grant from Johnson to run this process mean anything about the outcome to you?
I regret that you've got a little brown spot right there on your nose you might want to attend to. Make a motion.
I dig on Dave Ribar and like it a lot better when we're cordial. Maybe next week.

Dave Ribar said...


An odd lecture on cordiality, don't you think?

There seems to be enough from 1979 for lots of parties, including the city government of Greensboro, to regret.

Grown-ups tire of the, "yeah but look what he did" game and of name-calling.

Roch101 said...

Don't be too hard on Tony, Dave. He is just expressing his frustration at us stragglers just now catching up. You'd think he'd be happy though that we've finally caught up to where he and the rest of the city have been for thirty years, I'm not sure why he is angry at us about it -- probably because it took us so long