Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Bluegreen? Just say no.

The proposed Bluegreen development along the Haw River certainly makes sense to the Bluegreen Corporation and the current property owners but doesn't make sense to the rest of us.

The development would benefit from the proximity to both the river and the state park. It would also benefit from relatively cheap land and proximity to the Triad. It's easy to see why it's an attractive development target and why people would eventually want to move there.

It doesn't make sense, however, from a planning perspective. The development would be outside much of existing road, service, school, and infrastructure networks. More importantly, it would encourage sprawl away from the "Heart of the Triad."

Guilford County needs development--especially high-end residential development--but that development should occur closer to existing urban centers, jobs, and infrastructure. The rezoning required for the Bluegreen development should be rejected. There is plenty of land to be developed in other parts of the county; the Bluegreen Corporation should go there first.


Billy The Blogging Poet said...

Bluegreen is simply another in a long list of developers padding the pockets of those in local government (directly or indirectly) while they continue to ignore the bigger issues like Greensboro's gang issues.

What home buyer in their right mind would buy a home in a city or county that is quickly becoming overrun with violent street gangs?

The answer: The home buyer who has been lied to by developers, real estate agents, banks and local governments who's "economic development" programs are thinly veiled attempts to take the money and run.

Doug Johnson said...

Why is Greensboro being over run by gangs?

golfer said...

Lets see now these would be high dollar housing, paying high property taxes. They would be owned by high dollar people, making purchases (sales tax income) these folks would also be paying income tax. On the other hand a park would be payed for by taxpayers, the up keep would be paid for by taxpayers. Just act like its a Parton Theatre, a civil rights museum, are a high speed Internet sham, where the states democrats can steal money from the taxpayers, and it would be ok by the liberals.Most of you people do not know about the Parton Theatre, the democrats put damage control on this and told the liberal press to put on page 9. Folks this little scam cost us 24 million dollars.

Dave Ribar said...


You are right that development brings lots of benefits. But in this case, it would also bring substantial costs. The biggest costs would come from the lack of infrastructure (roads, sewers, fire & police services, schools) near the proposed development. That infrastructure--like the proposed park--would be financed by county taxpayers. There would also be costs--effectively hidden taxes--in terms of increased sprawl and leapfrog development.

There are many better places in Guilford County for this type of development.

Sharlotte said...

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Dave Ribar said...


Sorry that you had such a rotten experience with Bluegreen.