Saturday, August 30, 2008

Introducing Sarah Palin

So what have those of us who weren't familiar with the Governor of Alaska learned in the 24 hours since Senator McCain made his unexpected (and head-scratching) Vice Presidential choice? Well, it turns out that Gov. Palin This sounds a lot like the same uninformed, uninquisitive, anti-science, and corrupt administration that we've had for the last eight years.


Ged Maheux said...

Couldn't agree more Dave. It took me over 2 months to assembly my list of 100 reasons why McCain wouldn't be president. It's taken progressives about 36 hours to assemble 45 so far.

The more they learn, the worse it gets. Her pick was rushed and she was NOT vetted properly. It's going down hill fast.

Dave Ribar said...


Thanks. The Washington Post has more details today on the Alaskan version of "trooper-gate."

In the Through the Looking Glass version of Republican ethics, "Barnhill (the state's Deputy AG) said the review, made public two weeks ago, found that half a dozen officials had made about two dozen phone calls regarding Wooten. But only one call was determined to be improper, a tape-recorded conversation between Palin's chief of boards and commissions, Frank Bailey, to a police lieutenant."

So, the Deputy to the AG that Palin appointed has determined that the one phone call that could not be denied (because it was tape recorded) was improper. The other two dozen were okay.

Some vetting.