Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Campus intolerance

A speech by former Presidential candidate and Representative Tom Tancredo at UNC was interrupted and eventually halted by protesters, who disagreed with his views on illegal immigration.

The protesters disrupted Tancredo's talk by unfurling a banner between him and the audience. Shortly after, they broke a window in the classroom where he was speaking. Finally, the protesters had to be dispersed with pepper spray and threats of tasers.

Because of the protests, commotion, and risks to the audience, administrators had to halt the talk.

The protesters actions were disgraceful and wholly inconsistent with the free exchange of ideas that should occur on a college campus. The Chancellor has appropriately condemned the incident. However, he needs to do more and should take steps to remove those responsible for the intimidation and disruption from the campus community.

We learn from considering others' ideas and opinions, especially those views that challenge ours.


Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised. The summer reading program coupled with the predominately lefist faculty has its insidious outcomes and not just as demonstrated by this ugly incident. Tolerance is in short supply at Chapel Hill for views other than conventional liberal wisdom. Like this:

Intolerance at UNC
Washington Times
Five black professors say they will boycott a daylong visit to the University of North Carolina
law school today by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, the Raleigh News & Observer reports.
Charles Daye, Marilyn Yarbrough, John Calmore, Adrienne Davis and Kevin Haynes, the five black
professors on the 33-member law school faculty, sent a nine-paragraph letter to their colleagues saying,
in effect, they could not tolerate a black man who dared to hold opinions that differed from theirs.

Fred Gregory

Dave Ribar said...


The professors were within their rights to protest peacefully through a boycott back in 2002. However, they would have set a better example for their students by listening to Justice Thomas.