Friday, August 14, 2009

Astroturf energy protest coming to Greensboro?

Ed Cone has a post this afternoon about astroturfed events that are being planned this month by the American Petroleum Institute to protest pending energy and climate protection legislation.

The events are described in a memo that was posted by TPM. From the memo
API is coordinating a series of "Energy Citizen" rallies in about 20 states across the country during the last two weeks of Congress's August recess...

The objective of these rallies is to put a human face on the impacts of unsound energy policy and to aim a loud message at those states' U.S. Senators...
Just in case this isn't enough astroturfing for your tastes, the memo continues
To be clear, API will provide the up-front resources to ensure logistical issues do not become a problem. This includes contracting with a highly experienced events management company that has produced successful rallies for presidential campaigns, corporations and interest groups. It also includes coordination with the other interests who share our views on the issues, providing a field coordinator in each state, conducting a comprehensive communications and advocacy activation plan for each state, and serving as a central manager for all events.
Keeping with the "astroturfers of the world unite" and "from each according to his ability" themes, the memo goes on
We are asking all API members to assist in these August activities. The size of the company does not matter, and every participant adds to the strength of our collective voice.
The memo concludes by listing tentative sites for the rallies. Among the sites is Greensboro, NC (where Senator Hagan has her office).