Friday, October 8, 2010

Democrats as equal-opportunity verbal offenders

Republicans aren't the only ones who make disparaging comments when they think the public isn't listening. California Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown's were recorded in the following exchange
...the attorney general and his aides discussed resisting pressure to cut public-safety pensions or face losing police endorsements to Whitman.

"Do we want to put an ad out? ... That I have been warned if I crack down on pensions, I will be ... that they'll go to Whitman, and that's where they'll go, because they know Whitman will give 'em, will cut them a deal, but I won't," Brown said.

Someone else said: "What about saying she's a whore?"

"Well, I'm going to use that," Brown replied. "It proves you've cut a secret deal to protect the pensions."
There are some modest distinctions here. AG Brown did not make the comment, though it sure looks like he agreed with it. Also, his campaign issued an apology, albeit for the wormy reason that it might have caused offense rather than it was flat-out wrong. The bottom line, however, is the comment was offensive.

AG Brown and his campaign worker each owe Meg Whitman a more direct and forceful apology.