Friday, March 16, 2012

They're altogether ooky...

Well, yes, the Addamses were altogether ooky, but this is a bigger problem throughout the South.
On the front line of the brown marmorated stink bug invasion, Doug Inkley was overrun. Over nine months last year, he counted, bug by bug, 56,205 in his house and garden. They were everywhere.

“I literally have made homemade chilli and had to throw it out because there were stink bugs in it,” said Inkley, who lives in Knoxville, Md., near the West Virginia border. “I have had people refuse to come over for dinner because they knew about my stink bug problem.”
We haven't had to throw out chili, and with everyone seeing what we eat, we don't have many guests. However, we have been carefully escorting a few bugs each week either outside or into a watery grave (BTW, don't squish 'em).

That said, an infestation of stink bugs doesn't begin to compare to this sign of the apocalypse.
Two-time Grammy nominated and six-time Emmy Award winner John Tesh will bring his 2012 Summer U.S. Tour to Greensboro’s White Oak Amphitheatre on July 21.

...The upcoming tour is part of a three-fold campaign for the next phase in his musical career, including the release of his “John Tesh: Big Band Live!” album and national public television special, according to a news release. The album will be available nationwide on April 17. His public television special, also titled “John Tesh: Big Band Live!”, will begin airing this month and continue through 2012.
Stink bugs and John Tesh, sure signs of the end times.