Monday, April 2, 2012

Greensboro Police "not sure" if anti-semitic graffiti is a hate crime

The News & Record reports this morning that three houses and a car in a Greensboro neighborhood were vandalized with spray paint. The tagging included obscenities and the word "jews."
Police were investigating possible hate crimes in Reedy Fork Ranch after three homes and a vehicle were spray painted late Friday or early Saturday on Elderbush Drive.

The graffiti included obscenities and the word Jew.

“We are treating it as a hate crime.” said Susan Danielsen, a department spokeswoman. “But we don’t know for sure if it is.”
One would hate for the Greensboro Police Department to go out on a limb for this one. There could be any number of reasons for someone to spray-paint anti-semitic graffiti.

Maybe this is just someone who wants to play words with friends but lacks a computer connection or a smart phone.

Maybe the auto-correct in the spray can accidentally inserted the word "jews" into the message.

Or maybe it was a self-appointed neighborhood watch captain who was "standing his ground" when the houses and car attacked him.

The possibilities really are endless.