Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Audacity of Nope

Showing his own profile in discourage, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory agreed with Republican legislators that the state should not expand its Medicaid program nor run its own health exchange. His feeble excuse is that the state is too feeble.
Gov. Pat McCrory doesn’t think the state is ready to expand Medicaid or ready to run its own health exchanges – two provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

McCrory’s office made the announcement Tuesday morning just hours before the state House is supposed to take up a bill that would bar the state from participating in those two actions. The Senate passed the bill last week.
According to the Governor, NC is not ready for better health and longer lives for hundreds of thousands of its most vulnerable citizens, tens of thousands of jobs, more productive workers, billions in economic output, and billions in savings in hospitals' uncompensated care.

Apparently, the Governor's last few years in the political wilderness have left him tanned, rested, and not ready.