Thursday, December 23, 2010

Party of No Senators say "Yes" to Medicare Fraud

Bipartisan legislation that would have strengthened the protections against Medicare fraud was quietly shot down this week by Republican senators who placed an anonymous hold on the legislation.

The Hill reports
The bill makes it harder for executives at companies that have defrauded Medicare to continue doing so. It also seeks to prevent companies from setting up shell companies to insulate themselves from liability.

The bill passed the House by voice vote but died in the Senate this week after anonymous Republicans placed a hold on the legislation.
Or as the bill's sponsor, Rep. Pete Stark, told The Hill, "Fraudsters and crooks who bilk millions out of Medicare just received a Christmas present courtesy of anonymous Republican Senators."

The Republicans' cowardly, under-the-table actions show that their primary goal is to serve business interests, even if those interests defraud the rest of us.