Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Could insurance reform possibly reflect the preferences of voters?

Shame on us. Shame on this body. Shame on each and every one of you who substitutes your will and your desires above those of your fellow countrymen. (Rep. John "Hell no Kitty" Boehner, March 21).
What a difference a day makes.

A USA Today/Gallup poll taken the day after the House insurance reform vote indicates that more Americans support the legislation than don't support it.
Nearly half of Americans give a thumbs-up to Congress' passage of a healthcare reform bill last weekend, with 49% calling it "a good thing." Republicans and Democrats have polar opposite reactions, with independents evenly split.

Another USA Today/Gallup poll shows Americans giving President Obama the highest marks for his efforts for insurance reform and the Party of Hell No the lowest marks.

When asked "overall, how would you rate the job that each of the following has done in the efforts to address problems in the healthcare system over the past year, leading up to yesterday's vote in the House," 46 percent of those surveyed gave President Obama excellent or good marks, and 31 percent gave him poor marks. In contrast, only 26 percent of those surveyed gave "Republicans in Congress" excellent or good marks, and 34 percent gave them poor marks.

Perhaps the Democrats have done a better job than the Republicans in discerning the will and desires of their fellow countrymen.

If Americans are indeed coming together in support of the Democrats' insurance reform, will the Party of No now heed them? Don't hold your breath.