Sunday, May 13, 2012

Beware the Democratic undead!

The undead walk among us--at least the Democratic undead.

Resurrecting David Parker? What was the NCDP's Executive Committee thinking?
David Parker, the besieged state Democratic Party chairman, said Saturday that he would remain in his post after the party’s ruling committee voted not to accept his resignation.

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In the handling of allegations of sexual harassment against the party's executive director, the best you can say is that Parker botched things, spectacularly.  Parker had truly earned his departure.

In an election where jobs, education, and health care for North Carolinians should be the focus, the skeevy and secretive actions of Democratic leaders will instead command attention.

One thing that zombie and vampire movies teach us is that that the undead are nasty but effective recruiters. If you let them stick around, there will be more. Watch this fall as a host of once-promising Democratic candidates are turned into zombie office-seekers.