Saturday, November 16, 2013

Gun claims the life of another NC preschooler

Guns do kill people.

Just a few weeks after a NC two-year-old was killed while handling an unattended gun, another small child has died. reports
A 4-year-old child died early Saturday after accidentally shooting himself inside a home in west Fayetteville home, police said.

...According to investigators, the boy found the loaded gun on top of the refrigerator before accidentally shooting himself. Emergency crews attempted to treat him, but he was pronounced dead at the home.
Tragic, sad, and unnecessary.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Lesson learned?

You would think that after nominating a host of too-extreme-for-prime-time candidates that failed to knock off vulnerable, "damaged-goods" Democrats, including Sen. Harry Reid, Sen. Claire McCaskill, and now Va. Gov.-Elect Terry McAuliffe, Republicans would wise up.

You would be wrong. National Review's Maggie Gallagher explains
Would another $3 million have swung 50,000 votes? The Republicans, starting with Bill Bolling, who undercut Cuccinelli as unelectable have egg all over their faces.

This was a winnable election. How did we give this away to Terry McAuliffe? Some serious soul-searching should be taking place among the anti-tea-party faction.
The implied prescription--doubling down on bad Tea Party bets--is music to Democrats' ears.