Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Work at Home -- Earn Nearly $1,000 per Month!

Gov. Sarah Palin has found a great way to scam the taxpayers of Alaska--get them to pay per diem (a travel allowance for meals and incidental expenses) for the days that she spends in her primary residence in Wasilla. The Washington Post reports that during the first 19 months that Palin was in office, she spent 312 days at her Wasilla residence and charged taxpayers nearly $17,000 in per diem expenses.

It's fine if the Governor wants to maintain a residence separate from the Governor's mansion in Juneau, but she shouldn't stick taxpayers with the bill.

The Post also reported that the Gov. has charged the state for $43,000 in travel expenses for her family, including funds for ferrying the family to Juneau.

As we've seen in North Carolina, governors seem to view these travel funds as their own personal piggy banks. I wonder if our own state voters, who have been so outraged at Gov. Easley's behavior will be equally upset with Gov. Palin's.