Thursday, February 11, 2010

Party of No exposed as the Party of No

Rachel Maddow rips the childish antics Party of No.

Maddow first points out how prominent Republicans are rejecting the very ideas that they themselves initially proposed--that is, if Democrats have the temerity to include those ideas in actual legislation. Following somewhat in the style of Sen. John Kerry, Republicans said "yes" before they voted "no" (or more typically, said "no you can't vote").

Maddow then shows Republican after Republican speechifying in Washington against the waste and ineffectiveness of last year's stimulus bill, only to go home to their districts, distribute big checks drawn on stimulus money, and claim how much that spending will contribute to jobs and the local economy in their home districts. Republicans want to have it both ways--the same stimulus legislation fails to create jobs in one context but creates jobs in another.

Maybe in a future show, Maddow's staffers could tally up all the jobs that Republicans have claimed have been created in their home districts and compare them to the national job creation claims that Republicans criticize.

Better still, maybe Republicans could just own up to their nihilistic obstructionism.