Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Republicans insist on "up-or-down" votes?

As a vote on health-care reform nears, possibly under a "deem-and-pass" procedure, Republicans have dropped all pretense of making sense on the matter.

The New York Times reports
Republicans paraded to the House floor on Tuesday to denounce the maneuver as a parliamentary trick. Representative Ted Poe, Republican of Texas, said Democrats were using "a sneaky snake oil gimmick" to pass their bill. "Let’s have an up-or-down vote on this bill and not hide behind some procedural mumbo jumbo," Mr. Poe said.
And the Washington Post reports
Republicans sought to block Democrats' path. Rep. Parker Griffith (R-Ala.), who switched political parties in December, plans to introduce a resolution that would compel the Democrats to conduct a regular vote.
Huh? Republicans are now clamoring for an "up-or-down vote?"

Representatives Poe and Griffith (and other "outraged" Republicans) would do better to clamor for an "up-or-down" vote in the Senate, where a minority of Republican Senators are effectively preventing that chamber from voting through the "procedural mumbo jumbo" of a threatened filibuster.

While they're at it, Republicans could also clamor for "up-or-down" votes for the 64 Obama administration nominees pending in the Senate.