Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Will the Greensboro library filter Quayle?

Ben Quayle, a Republican candidate for the 3rd district congressional seat in Arizona touts himself as, "a lifelong fiscal and social conservative," "a fighter for conservative values," and someone who will "protect life and traditional marriage."

Apparently, those "lifelong" conservative social values include writing for a smutty web-site under the pseudonym, Brock Landers (the name of a character from the movie Boogie Nights), and then lying about his activities when confronted.

The web-site links to some of Quayle's work, which might have a tough time getting through some of the library filters that local conservatives are proposing.

Quayle has already run into some truthiness issues in this campaign, sending out campaign mailers in which he posed with two young girls that weren't his (he is childless) to give the impression that he is a family man.

As the saying goes, watch what they do, not what they say.