Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gov. Romney's indecency

Once again, former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney was confronted by divisive, over-the-top rhetoric from his radical supporters, and once again, he only egged the rhetoric on.

A few months ago when Rush Limbaugh lit into Sandra Fluke, calling her a "prostitute" and a "slut," Gov. Romney refused to criticize Limbaugh, saying merely, "I’ll just say this, which is, it’s not the language I would have used."

Yesterday, Gov. Romney thanked an Ohio Republican official who warmed up a Romney rally thusly
Ohio state auditor Dave Yost, one of the local politicians warming up the crowd for Romney before his event Monday, said Obama claiming credit for the bin Laden raid was like "giving Ronald McDonald credit for the Big Mac you ate for lunch." Yost continued on to say "the guy at the griddle deserved credit."

Yost went on to mock the president for taking a trip to New York City with his wife, Michelle, saying Obama was "lecturing" the middle class while spending lavishly.

"Anyone get three vacations in 2009 at the depths of the recession?" he asked. "Anyone fly to New York just to have a date night with your spouse? I didn't think so. Mr. President, that's not middle class, and you stop lecturing us about our lives."
Later another supporter stated that President Obama "was operating outside the structure of our Constitution" and "should be tried for treason." Gov. Romney's response? "If you've got some specifics you'd like me to address in terms of policy, I'd be happy to."

When a reporter subsequently asked Gov. Romney whether he agreed that President Obama should be tried for treason, Gov. Romney said, "No, of course."

The decent and honorable response would have been to rebuke this extremism when it arose.

However, that kind of decency is a stranger to the former Mass. governor.