Friday, May 22, 2009

Liberty University and the scarlet "D"

It seems that the college that was founded by the leader of the "moral majority" can't abide a Democratic minority. The Washington Post reports that Liberty University is disestablishing a student Democratic Party organization.
Liberty University will no longer recognize its campus Democratic Party club because its parent organization stands against the conservative Christian school's moral principles.

The club, which has about 30 members, will no longer be able to use Liberty's name, hold on-campus meetings or be eligible for student activities money.

...students who violate the rule face reprimands under the school's conduct code, which could result in expulsion.
The school will continue to fund a College Republicans chapter, as its advocacy of preemptive wars, torture, capital punishment, unrestricted gun ownership, environmental despoliation, and income redistribution toward the wealthy is in keeping with the school's principles of "develop(ing) Christ-centered men and women."

Will David Horowitz's Freedom Center or other conservatives who have railed against one-sided policies on college campuses take up the cause of freedom of expression at Liberty U? Don't hold your breath.