Friday, May 8, 2009

UNCG's commitment to recycling

UNCG employees are taking a mandatory furlough in the next two months and will likely have to contribute more to cost-cutting in the next year.

Nevertheless, UNCG continues to print and distribute copies of its Campus Weekly newsletter (shown at right above) to all employees. Printing costs alone worked out to $331.50 this week. There are about 40 newsletters per year, so the annual cost for printing works out to more than $13,000. The costs for distributing it add to that.

UNCG also produces and distributes 13,000 copies of a glossy magazine, UNCG Research (shown at right below), on its research accomplishments. The cost of the copies is listed as $11,579 per copy. Fortunately, this only appears to come out once a year.

So, in the middle of one of the worst budget crises the university or state has faced and at a time when employees are being asked to sacrifice, UNCG continues to spend the equivalent of several undergraduate scholarships or a pair of graduate fellowships or two dozen conference presentations on two publications that could easily be distributed electronically.

At least the University is showing a commitment to recycling, judging by the Department recycling bin, which is currently full with copies of both publications.