Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Conservative apologists for Rush Limbaugh, who recently vilified a Georgetown law student for her testimony before Congress, are besides themselves with outrage and indignation that liberals failed to call out Bill Maher for his tasteless comments last year about Sarah Palin.
“Did you hear this – Sarah Palin finally heard what happened in Japan and she’s demanding that we invade ‘Tsunami,’” Maher said. “I mean she said, ‘These ‘Tsunamians’ will not get away with this.’ Oh speaking of dumb twats, did you –.”

However, conservatives may have just scratched the surface of the great liberal misogynous conspiracy.

Consider one of the liberals' favorite programs--one that is trotted faithfully during PBS pledge weeks, never fails to deliver big contributions, and feeds liberal sniggering.

A careful and fair-minded viewer can't help but notice that the sign with the offending vulgarity appears on the right of the screen. At the same time, the sign is pointed squarely at that mainstay of capitalism, a small business. Viewers will also notice that names of the women with writing and acting credits appear suspiciously close to the sign, while name of the male is securely and safely elevated. I hear that liberals "in the know" refer to this as the "Georgia O'Keefe episode."

This clip is proof that liberals were already sowing the seeds for using a particular misogynous term to undermine conservatism (and women generally) as early as the 1970s.