Sunday, March 11, 2012

UNCG staff and faculty are leaders in charitable contributions

An editorial in this morning's News-Record reminded folks that they should take pride in our local universities.
For one day, everyone associated with the University of North Carolina should wear the school colors.

Not to show support for a basketball team, but to demonstrate UNC’s reach and impact.
The editorial goes on to tout the universities' teaching, research, and economic contributions.

As a university (and state) employee, it's gratifying to read nice things about the schools, though (at the risk of seeming ungrateful) I wish the editorial would have mentioned one more thing.

Each year, the staff and faculty throughout the UNC system also contribute directly to their communities in another way, through the North Carolina State Employees Combined Campaign (NCSECC). The contributions to the NCSECC benefit more than 1,000 charitable organizations across the state.

The NCSECC reports that for its 2011 campaign UNCG led all state universities in participation and per-employee giving. Nearly half (49 percent) of UNCG employees participated in the campaign, and the total amount contributed was $242,774. The staff and faculty at NC A&T also were very generous, contributing at rates that were higher than the state and UNC system average.

The NCSECC provides only a partial picture of state and university employees' contributions. Employees also make financial contributions outside the NCSECC and volunteer their time and energy to local organizations.

However, for this one measure, UNCG has earned some bragging rights over some tough competition. I'm very proud of my colleagues.