Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Academia Sinica

I have been spending the last few days on the campus of Academia Sinica in Nangang, Taipei. Academia Sinica is a multi-disciplinary research institute that was established on the mainland in 1928 and moved to Taiwan in 1949. I've been a guest of the Institute of Economics.

Academia Sinica boasts a beautiful campus. It's located outside the downtown area of Taipei, so it's more relaxed and tranquil. It's a terrific place to conduct research.

The Institute of Economics has a large and active research staff whose interests cover the range of major economic fields. The researchers publish regularly in Western journals, so aside from the change in scenery and the exceptional hospitality, the academic portion of the visit has been much like a stay on a U.S. campus.

The Institute is hiring this year. It would be a great opportunity for a research-oriented economist.