Sunday, March 15, 2009

2nd week Thrifty diet SNAPshots

The second week of the diet, like the first, had some notable hits and misses. The week started out really well with stir-fried pork, pot roast left-overs (not shown), and spicy baked fish. Thursday and Friday, however, were the dark days, with tasteless turkey chili and then a gag-inducing Spanish baked fish. Saturday's baked meatballs would have been an undercooked disaster if we had followed the directions, but with a longer cooking time, they turned out well. Tonight we're revisiting the turkey-cabbage casserole (hopefully, it won't return the favor and revisit us).

stir-fried pork

baked spicy fish

Lots of good vegetables and easy to fix. Cut up pork pieces would have been better than ground pork. We lucked out with this--it was also a tasty and easy-to-fix dish.

turkey chili

spanish baked fish

This has to be the least flavorful chili that we've ever tasted. Think about what a book looks like after it's fallen in a puddle and then dried. That's how this chili tastes. To compound the misery, the recipe calls for mustard, which turns the glop an unnatural orange. Hands-down, this dish, with its gag-inducing sauce, was the worst meal that we had during the two weeks, though the saucy noodle bake comes in a close second (to last). Whoever thought to desecrate a perfectly good fish filet with this glop has issues, very serious issues.

baked meatballs

It's hard to go wrong with spaghetti and meatballs; they were a big hit with the boys. Be careful though with the recipe. The meatballs should bake for 25-30 minutes, not the 10-12 in the directions. Hamburger tartar is seldom a good idea.
In addition to the dishes shown, we took advantage of the available ingredients to fix an apple crisp and banana-nut bread.