Friday, March 6, 2009

Baked fish with cheese (night #5)

Lots of baking tonight. We had scalloped potatoes that we baked, along with the baked fish (it was supposed to be cod but we went with haddock that was a little cheaper, er, I mean more economical; actually SNAPper would have been more appropriate, if it fit in the budget). The dinner also had fresh spinach and orange slices. Mercifully, we got a reprieve from the white bread.

The potatoes took a few extra minutes to prep; otherwise it was relatively easy. Start to finish, dinner took an hour to prepare with most of that time spent cooking the potatoes.

The only mishap was that the potatoes boiled over in the oven, but that was okay as it was time to clean the oven anyway.

The kids seemed to like everything; they thought that the salad was a treat. Although Cathy and I had to steel ourselves for the fish with cheese, the dish actually worked.

I bet Kim Jung Il wished he ate with us.